Effective filtration is our specialty and is one of the numerous ways we create our benchmark "best of breed" automatic pump systems

We offer incredibly effective filtration for pump systems to help prevent the weeds, algae, and muck in lakewater / river water from contaminating all the 60 to 100 or more small individual filters on each sprinkler head of your sprinkler system. This special filter will also help prevent sticking of valves and the excessive wear & tear on all the moving parts inside rotary sprinkler heads.


It takes at least a 1/2 day or more for a technician just to clean out all those small individual filters in each sprinkler head and typically it must be performed on a regular basis if you do not have our special filtration system. We know of no other competitor who knows about or is qualified to install these special filters which are designed to deal specifically with all the weeds, algae and much present in river or lake water. With our special filters you can catch the vast majority of the contaminants in one central location before it has a chance to contaminate the entire system and our filter can be cleaned by the homeowner or the technician in 10 minutes or less. In one year the filter system can pay for itself by eliminating the labor hours needed to clean out all the dozens of small nozzle filters in an irrigation system. These special central filters are the heart of our systems.


What about those supposedly "self cleaning" filters ?


Beware of "Johny come lately" contractors attempting to sell you supposedly "self cleaning" filters which are installed in the lake or river and have rotating screens.

These filters are a mere gimmick or "parlor trick" that will end up costing you money.

1) There is no free ride. Any rather gently moving mechanism in a body of water full of weeds and algae is going to fail eventually. The rotating screen quickly becomes snagged with weeds and fails to rotate. Something as minor as a fisherman's hook can snag and jam this rotating filter.

2) In order to rotate, the mechanism requires and wastes "bleed off" pressure from the pump piped a hundred feet or more back to the mechanism in the lake. The manufacturer claims only about 4% of the pump flow is used for the spraying nozzles that clean the screens, but in fact, analyzing the numbers more carefully shows that as much as 25% of the pump output is wasted on this ineffective cleaning mechanism.

3) A close examination of the holes in these rotating screens is very revealing. Comparing the hole sizes in the rotating screens to the normal sprinkler nozzle filter hole sizes and hole sizes of the screens inside rotary heads shows that the typical rotating filter screen holes are LARGER.

What does this mean ? That particles, pieces of weeds and debri will still get by the rotating screens and into the dozens and dozens of smaller filters in all the sprinkler heads in your irrigation system clogging them up requiring expensive servicing on a periodic basis.

4) These rotating filters use 2 or more spray nozzles of their own to spray the screen. Inside or behind each spray nozzle is another filter screen that must be cleaned when it becomes clogged. This requires complete disassembly of the rotating filter (clue: cannot be done underwater). Purchase one of these systems and get ready to pay for constant maintenance.

The special cannister filters we use have filtration abilities much smaller than sprinkler nozzle filters and rotary head filters. Rest assured that our system is a proven, one stop central filter were the vast majority of all the debri is captured before the water goes downstream to all the dozens and dozens of smaller filters in all the sprinkler heads in your irrigation system.

Our cannister filters are installed on land, where they are easily accessed by the property owner or the technician for all maintenance and cleaning. Cleaning takes as little as 5 minutes and our filter elements typically don't need to be replaced - - - just sprayed off. You won't need scuba diving gear to clean or maintenance our filter !

With the rotating filter, one servicing of all the dozens and dozens of smaller filters in all the sprinkler heads in your irrigation system to clean or replace them will require an irrigation technician at least a half day or more to complete and end up costing you much more than any perceived savings of one contractors system over another. Don't make the mistake of choosing a "parlor trick" filter - - choose our proven "one-stop" filtration solution - - - the filtration solution with an established history of success.