Excessive debri and contamination from lakewater is the "silent destroyer" you will find inside your lakewater fed sprinkler system without our advanced central filter



Without our advanced central filter you can expect:

1) Earlier wear and failure of expensive gear driven rotary sprinkler heads.

2) Clogged filters and nozzles throughout the sprinkler system leading to poor performance and even dry spots.

3) Malfunctioning underground zone valves which can stick open until located, excavated, and the inner mechanisms serviced.

3) Instead of cleaning just one central filter in 5 minutes you are paying your irrigation professional 6 to 8 hours or more to replace all the various filters (one filter in each fixed spray sprinkler head). Larger rotary sprinkler head filters are often not replaceable and can take longer to clean. Moreover, after replacing all the small individual filters in the fixed spray heads - - - the underground valves and the piping are still dirty.

You already have a water filter for your home water and your vehicles all have oil/fuel filters to protect them.

If you already have an existing lake water fed sprinkler system why don't you consider investing in a proper central filter to protect your irrigation system investment ? We always install these advanced filters on all our new lakewater sprinkler systems.

Our advanced central filter can be installed near the lake just after the pump. This filter is a one time purchase and the intervals with which this filter needs to be cleaned are determined by how dirty your water source. The filter element inside is reuseable.