Rappelling down a 195 foot cliff / slope on Lake Travis

to install the new, "high tech" resin poly pipe and pump cable.

Our company is the only lake pump company installing this new "high tech" resin poly pipe

which requires special training, experience, and special fittings. We offer all types of pipe, but this new

"high tech" resin poly pipe is the top of the line of all the piping we offer. This special poly pipe is installed 

best during warmer weather, so if you are interested, plan ahead !

Buyer beware: Other companies install "old version" poly pipe which is a thinner wall, a dated, inferior resin chemistry,

uses insert fittings with clamp bands, and is not near as durable as our new "high tech" resin poly pipe.

Don't be fooled, if you see anyone installing poly pipe with insert fittings and clamp bands (like stainless hose screw clamps)

around the outside of the pipe you'll know they are getting a raw deal and leaks will always occur at those insert fittings.

Also, PVC grey insert fittings are a weak point, will freeze and snap. Metal insert fittings are typically

plain steel and will rust out. Stainless steel insert fittings are "special order" only, hard to find, and still leak.

This special "high tech" resin black poly pipe is vastly more resistant to freezing weather and

we have never yet been called out to repair any freeze damage on this type pipe. 

It also is much more resistant to boat props, boat anchors getting stuck yanking

on the pipe underwater, and huge boulders rolling down the cliff over it.


On this job ~300 feet of pipe and pump cable together were pulled

foot by foot as descent occurred down cliff




 Above: Looking back up the sheer vertical cliff about 185 feet above lake level

Again, this new hi-tech resin system black poly pipe is our best pipe

for exposed cliff sides, can be selected from from 200 psi up to 325 psi, much less subject to

freeze damage, highly sunlight resistant (much more than PVC pipe).

This "high tech" black poly pipe is typically installed as one continuous piece eliminating couplings every 20 feet used to join PVC pipe - - 

couplings that typically create service calls as they crack and separate over time. Also, every winter we receive

service calls for frozen PVC piping and often have to replace entire 250 foot or longer pipe strings due to freezing weather.

Does not matter whether it's schedule 40 or even schedule 80 thickness PVC pipe  - - all PVC pipe turns to a "glass like" state at 32 F.


Above: Looking down about 175 feet above lake level



 Above: Approx. half way down 




 Above: Looking down about 85 feet above lake level




 Above: Looking down about 65 to 75 feet above lake level


Above: The slope eases just above lake level . . .

just don't get a leg or ankle wedged in these massive boulders