More on the advantages of using lake, river and pond water as well as the disadvantages of using chlorinated city water

Lake, river, and pond water has a much higher content of rainwater so it is generally lower in mineral salts. The mineral salts usually present in municipal water supplies coming from deep wells contribute to excess alkalinity and bicarbonates which are deterimental to plants.

Lake, river, and pond water is teeming with aquatic life. When this water is applied to your gardens and landscape it acts like a mild compost tea, as the aquatic microorganisms compost into the soil. Scientific research has identified the dominate substances in these raw water sources as polysaccharides.

During the growing season those using water from city of Austin and other MUD or municipalities water meters are often forbidden from watering during daytime, and are limited to watering two times per week, but during stage water restrictions (summer droughts), they often allow you to water only once per week. During water restriction times watering using hoses (even hand held) is forbidden. If water usage exceeds a certain limit the water department starts "bothering" you and they can pull your meter if you fail to cooperate.

These authorities are claiming watering once per week is enough - - but our degreed horticulturists begs to differ with them. When summer temperatures soar to 95 degrees and higher without any rainfall, once per week is just not enough to maintain a beautiful lawn and landscape, especially if your lawn and landscape are large and these authorities enforce their limit on total gallonage per month.

Beware: The city of Austin and city of Lakeway have "water police" who drive the neighborhoods at day and night looking for violators. Other MUD districts and municipalities are doing the same. They write citations which are expensive as traffic tickets and are enforceable. They also encourage your neighbors to turn against you and report you for water violations on landscape use of their chlorinated water.